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The Rona

Like the rest of the world I'm not a huge fan of coronavirus. I'm not saying a large part of my life revolved around having monthly parties, going out to play board games / sing karaoke / drink craft beer, taking the wife out on dates, and generally having fun with other humans... but it kinda did. Of course I worked, and I know I'm lucky to still be working (albeit from home, which I do not care for one bit), and I have my family of course which also makes me lucky (minus my son who I miss dearly because he's staying with the ex-wife), but work is work and unfortunately my family members are not "activities people" like me. I have hundreds of board games and video games here but (sadly) no one to play them with. And before you say it - I don't like playing online, except for computer games, but sadly I'm still working most of the time and my computer is a 2008 iMac open box special from Best Buy so options are limited. Not to mention I haven't exactly been cultivating online gaming friends in my previously board game centric life.

I've binged more Netflix / Amazon / Hulu / Dinsey+ / DVDs than I care to admit, I've been playing Animal Crossing (or "working for my raccoon overlord" as I like to call it) and Pokemon Go, I've created a terrifyingly long to-do list for the house and yard and made more progress on it than I ever would have made otherwise, refinanced my mortgage, and I'm even eliminating my small(ish) credit card debt. I'm also trying to lose weight, though my wife's amazing cooking combined with lack of access to the gym and questionable weather are not helping (not to mention lack of self-control aka how I gained said weight in the first place lol). One "good" thing to come from this is that I've realized just how many things are wrong with my house and I'm trying to save up the money to fix the critical ones. It helps that there's little point in spending money on the things I usually like to spend it on - board games, video games, supplies / gear for game night, though I am pretty excited about the board game shelves arriving tomorrow (I have too many games already and need the shelves to put the excess away). I would very much like a new computer but I figure it's probably better to keep the house from falling down around the old one first.

What bothers me the most is how long this is going to last. Michigan may re-open things, and I would welcome not having to work from home anymore (though I am concerned that I might have to wear a mask, I can't concentrate for shit in those nasty things), but that's far from the end of it. I try not to read all the articles but I'm really worried that there's no way to eradicate this virus due to it often being asymptomatic / mild and that, like the flu, it has been / is going to continue to evolve rapidly rendering vaccines (that are still many months away mind you) about as effective as a flu-shot. I can only hope that science prevails this time because the fun part of my life is on hold until it does. I would gladly take a calculated risk with my life to regain a semblance of fun but I can't risk the lives of my family.

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