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Married with Child(ren)

A small spot of news: I got married! Oh yeah, and I have a son!! I'm realizing I should probably update this blog more often lol. Last year I met the love of my life Nicole Porath at an awesome little dive bar in Rochester Hills, Michigan called Tapper's Pub. An old friend of mine (Brittany) introduced me to it, we used to go there and play board games or photo hunt on a fairly regular basis. I eventually went there by myself (for the Superbowl of all things) and I noticed this girl giving cake to all the other dudes in the bar. Needless to say I did not receive any cake *O.o. I thought she was cute but I was kind of pissed. We didn't really meet per se.

Weeks go by and I get the strangest urge to go to the bar and watch the Red Wings (hockey) game. This was odd because I never ever watch sports on TV unless you count the commercials during the Superbowl. But despite the weirdness I went. Sure enough she's there and she overhears me talking to someone and ends up joining the conversation. We hit it off right away. She's not as nerdy as me but she's at a pretty high level and cute as hell. I can tell she likes me and the feeling is mutual but of course I'm too chicken shit to ask for her number. I'm sure I would have stuck to Tapper's like glue anyway after that, and as it turns out she was a regular (hence her giving cake to everyone in the bar since she pretty much knew everyone except me), but thank god for her friend Pauly who called her out into giving me her cell. The rest is history :) except...

Our son Robert Joseph Otlowski IV was born March 13th, 2016 in Royal Oak, Michigan with a full head of hair. He's already eating like crazy and growing like a weed. I love them both so much I don't know what to do with myself half the time. Being a parent is exhausting though! I wish we had waited another year to spend more time traveling / paying off debts but still I think we did pretty well. I'm 32, compared to the other day when I was 6 and I went over to my friend Kelly O'Brien's house to discover what a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Super Mario Bros. were with her and her Dad I feel ancient. If we had waited too much longer this probably would kill me.

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