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Triple Threat

Portions of my last blog entry have not aged well. My son Bobby got a little too obsessed with Nintendo and we had to pull the plug, at least for a bit. Balance is real especially for a little guy. The third wave, or third echelon as I just decided to call it, of COVID-19 is here and it's not looking good at all. But if recent news is to be believed there is hope, at least one vaccine has reportedly completed late stage trials with 90% effectiveness. True it has to be emergency approved and it will takes many months to manufacture enough for everyone, but it's a start. I only hope the effectiveness survives new strains of the virus and the immunity lasts long enough to crush this pandemic, or at least long enough to make a timely second dose / vaccine viable for everyone.

One thing's for sure - this winter is going to be rough. With cold weather finally setting in (these past couple of days have been freakishly warm but that luck, it seems, has run out), Coronavirus raging and therefore putting a major damper on the holidays, and everyone cooped up things are going to get ugly. The holidays can be difficult for many at the best of times, so please if you do one thing this November / December / January check on your friends and family to make sure they're ok. Talk to them. Even if you don't exchange gifts send them a Christmas or other holiday card or even just a hello. Whether he or she ever tells you or not you may very well save their life and even if you don't believe in any higher power your loved one will always know.

On the bright side, wearing masks outdoors is about to get a lot more comfortable. We like to say the air hurts our face in Michigan, but not this year. Hah. My personal plan is to renew my Detroit Zoo membership and work on my reputation with all the Pokemon Go gyms there. Here's hoping the zoo doesn't get shut down again along with everything else. Unless it needs to be, in which case at least my money will have gone to a good cause.

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