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Back in Black

Well I'm back into the dating world. It's fun to meet new people but also a little bit scary! If you happen to be e-stalking me right now that's cool. Just keep in mind I barely ever post on this blog so don't expect a lot of updates. Also, in case you were wondering, I'm not color blind, I just wanted a basic website (wrote the PHP code myself btw) and I get so sick of staring at white backgrounds all day I decided to paint mine black. To get an idea of who I am though feel free to take a look at my 2008 post 100 Things That Make Me Happy it's been six years but it's still pretty accurate.

In addition to looking for that special someone I've been quite busy in other areas. Work is going well, I'm trying hard to push my career forward despite many unexpected challenges from corporate America. I'm losing weight every week now and I don't intend to stop until I'm satisfied that I'm not putting any extra stress on my body from the excess. Workouts (cardio and strength) are progressing too - they help with the weight loss but also benefit from it to varying degrees. If there's one area I need to concentrate on more right now it's probably my house especially with the Fall and Winter coming. Lots of projects!

I've been hanging out a lot with my buddy Geoff and my brother Charles. I've seen a lot of movies of late including Guardians of the Galaxy (semi-obsessed with it), the new TMNT movie (pretty bad), The Expendables 3 (solid for what it is), and most recently the new Sin City movie (not as good as the first one but ok). Reading several new books too! Also trying to reconnect with old friends both in Michigan and around the world.

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